Urban planning / Transport

On an urban scale, the integration of LASA assignments ahead of the projects allows an optimized management of noise impact of planning choices, in collaboration with other constraints (sunlight, accessibility, …).

Indeed, the study of the quality of the sound environment within blocks or eco-districts allows to optimize the overall plan in order to, on one hand, improve the “living together” aspect of the future occupants (variety of uses, management of the soundscape balance, etc.), and on the other hand, rationalise the construction costs. And therefore, LASA offers acoustic 3D modelisations in order to help choose the buildings’ orientations in relation to each other, but also in relation to the noise sources, with respect to the organization of the building’s functionality, as well as for the preservation of quiet zones.

The acoustic and vibration studies services (in situ measurements, predictive modelisations, dynamic mappings, …), allow to anticipate the impact of existing or future transport infrastructure (road traffic, rail, air) on urban projects. The 3D models produced by LASA contribute to the optimisation of the architectural layouts as well as the design and optimisation of the protective solutions (source treatment, noise barriers, anti-vibration separations, reinforced facades, etc.).