Technical equipment / CEPI

Technical equipment is a major source of noise in buildings and their environment. LASA possesses an expertise based on hundreds of case studies of isolated technical installation, or of installations that are part of a CEPI (Classified Environmental Preservation Installation). For industrial and environmental assignments, LASA’s array of equipment in acoustic and vibration measurements allows it to respond to all the issues it encounters.

The dynamic airflow network noise calculation tools, coupled with 3D modelisation software for acoustic propagation in an outdoor environment, allow to take into account the effects of buildings, screens, barriers, topography and even the weather at a large distance. We can thus predict interior or exterior sound levels in various situations.

The acoustic measurement assignments verify the compliance with regulatory emergence of noise in the environment (residential, sensitive areas), by carrying out short or long-term measurements. The vibration measurements are carried out as part of impact studies of industrial sites, construction sites, researching vibration sources, or in order to define solutions for limiting the propagation of vibrations within buildings or the environment.

The study operations make it possible to carry out acoustic and vibration impact studies on classified sites, or to define the predicted noise and vibration levels of all the technical installation in its environment. Treatment solutions design assignments are then proposed in order to determine the technical characteristics of the necessary compensatory measures (acoustic screens, claddings, anti-vibration mounts, sound traps, etc.).