Our activity sectors

Taking acoustics into consideration as early as the first sketches of a project in all areas of human activity is a major sustainable development commitment. The quality of the living environment as well as the cost of the projects require a smart approach. Studying in advance and offering efficient and optimized solutions guarantee acoustics at a fair price and a project that rises to its challenges.

LASA performs acoustic and vibration engineering services in building, environmental and industrial sectors. Our teams from Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille, spread out throughout France and internationally, provides solutions to problems encountered by clients. From a single measurement to overall support missions spanning multiple years, LASA adapts its responses to the context of the requests. Reactivity and optimisation of offered solutions are at the heart of LASA’s approach.

LASA’s 40 years of experience serve as a guarantee of proven solutions. The commitment to research and development supports the proposition of innovative solutions. This gives LASA the means to be able to provide competitive and innovative offers, by allowing a smart approach to the problematics of acoustics.