Management assistance / Programme

Taking acoustics into account as early as the conception phase of the project programme is indispensable, because it gives the project management team the means to succeed from an acoustic point of view. A programme with a clear definition of the space’s acoustic qualities guarantees a harmonious project development which respects the users’ expectations while at the same time being in line with the architects’ vision.

LASA offers services within the programming process which allow the client to benefit from a tailor-made programme, in line with the users’ expectations and liable to be clarified, where necessary, as part of the project. The technical complexity, the number of regulatory texts and frames of reference require the acoustic programming to be entrusted to a specialist in order to avoid unsuitable programmes which wouldn’t satisfy the users’ demands.

LASA offers management assistance services for the purpose of creating an acoustic programme, in particular for projects with high acoustic expectations such as conservatories, performance halls, multi-purpose real estate complexes, cinemas, sport facilities …