High quality all-terrain equipment adapted to your needs

To provide the best possible services and ensure high availability, LASA has acquired a large quantity of equipment, which is spread over all its agencies. Our technical equipment is a high precision material associated with great versatility, from a selection of leading manufacturers in their respective fields of expertise: ACOEM 01dB, NORSONIC, SVANTEK, WILCOXON…

By collaborating closely with the manufacturers, LASA is constantly on the watch for new solutions in order to offer the most suitable and innovative technologies (acoustic antennas, connected sensors, measurement solutions in hostile or inaccessible environments …).

Vibrometer sonometer


8 class 1 integrator sonometers

10 class 1 acoustic and vibration measurement systems, mono or 4 channels, mobile or independent

Environmental stations


8 class 1 measurement stations, long duration, 3G enabled

Acoustic and vibration sensors

Capteur accéléro2_1280x960

35 class 1 acoustic measurement chains (cables, preamplifier, microphones, kits for all weathers, etc)

30 piezoelectric accelerometers with sensibility 10-100-1000 mV/g, of which 4 triple axis

Monitoring stations

balise + engin2

10 class 1 construction site measuring stations, 3G enabled, acoustic and/or vibration, independent or powered

4 long duration acoustic measurement stations, solar powered, class 2, 3G enabled

Systèmes multivoies avancés


8 multichannel acquisition systems (2 or 4), class 1 acoustic and vibration

MLS measurements, room’s criteria, RASTI intelligibility, fine band analysis, FFT



3 class 2 dosimeters for characterization of noise in the workspace

Aerial noise sources

Source_ aerien_1280x960

6 mobile and autonomous noise sources

4 speakers and high power active subwoofers

2 omnidirectional sources

2 portable signal generators

Vibration sources


3 standardized tapping machines

Impact hammer

Impulse sources

Source_ impulsionnelle_1280x960

12 alarm pistols 6mm, 8 mm, 9 mm

Clapperboard, impulse balloons

Meteorological stations


3 independent stations of meteorological condition measurements

Audio recorders


2 portable audio recorders, low noise and large band

Laser tachometers


High precision laser tachometers for coupled measurements of the operating speed of rotating machines with the sound or vibration level

Our material in action !


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BIOM 025 (Small)


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