Prediction and optimization tools

In order to offer design and optimization services guaranteeing the best possible response to current construction challenges, LASA has developed an advanced range of software. Partially consisting of internally developed software, proven by more than 40 years of feedback and supplemented by the most advanced numerical modeling tools of their generations.

By maintaining a close working relationship with software publishers, LASA keeps a constant watch for new technologies and continuously trains its staff in order to guarantee the quality of the studies carried out, using suitable and innovative tools.

Monitoring the sound and vibration quality of construction sites, industrial sites, events, …

With its experience, LASA supports the participants in the management of the sound and / or vibration quality of their project. In order to help facilitate the understanding of these complex and varied problems, and to encourage communication between all the parties involved, LASA has developed an innovative synthesis and communication tool : SAWL.

S for Synthesis, (Monitoring) and Simplicity : the measured data being complex, numerous, and often in different formats, a simple and relevant synthesis of essential information is key to the analysis and acoustic monitoring of a project.

A for Acoustics, Automatic and Action : you benefit from continuous and automatic updates of the measurement results on an interface suited specifically for your project. Alarms inform you in real time by e-mail or SMS, and thus promote understanding of the situation, in order to help better anticipate and act on the challenges involved.

W for the Web : you can access SAWL and all of its functionalities on the internet from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

L for LASA : developed by LASA for your projects, SAWL is the result of the work of a team of acoustic engineers specializing in sound quality management.

Internal acoustics

CATT-Acoustic is a 3D modelling software for internal acoustics of premises. It allows to determine an impulse response, as well as to calculate different acoustic criteria such as reverberation time (TR), clarity (C-80), definition (D-50), intelligibility (RASTI, STI) as well as sound level maps and other criteria.

This software makes it possible to optimize the distribution of absorbent and / or diffusing materials necessary for acoustic treatment of premises and to carry out precise studies of sound propagation.

Optimization of facades

LASA software for optimizing the acoustic insulation constraints of the facade, by 3D modelling of buildings in their environment. Definition of acoustic performances adjusted for different facade elements, in order to be able to control the project’s economic cost since its early design phase. This software guarantees compliance with acoustic regulations for residential buildings, by applying the decree of July 23, 2013 amending the decree of May 30, 1996.

Noise from HVAC installations

LASA software for modelling HVAC networks, for internal and external propagation of noise from technical installations. A tool for dimensioning and optimization of noise attenuation systems: mufflers, expansion plenums, absorbent sheaths, resonators, noise barriers, rollovers, etc. Presentation of detailed and evolving calculation notes, for a consistently relevant response, ever since the early pre-dimensioning phase of a project, up until its execution study.

Design of diffusing walls

LASA software for designing complex walls with high sound dispersion, ideal for performance halls, auditoriums and theatres requiring certain acoustic expectations (non amplified).

This software allows a precise determination of the dispersing power of the walls, in order to make the most of their geometry and their depth, while allowing free rein to the architectural vision.

Environmental acoustics

IMMI is a numerical simulation software for noise propagation in the environment. It allows 3D modelisations of the topography, various buildings and infrastructures (roadways, railways, buildings, viaducts, reliefs, vegetation, aircraft noises ...) in order to produce sound maps by taking all of these different elements into account. It also makes it possible to optimize noise treatment solutions (noise screens, modification of the type of road surface, etc.). Optimal for medium scale sound maps.

This software complies with standard XPS 31 - 133 and with the European directive 2002/49 / CE of the European parliament and of the Council of June 25, 2002 relating to the assessment and management of noise in the environment.

Indoor and outdoor propagation

AcouS-Propa is used for 3D modelisation of interior and exterior sound propagation, by taking a large number of relevant parameters into account such as: geometry of the premises, acoustic properties of the coatings and walls, topography, frame, screens, berms, nature of the soil, meteorological conditions, etc.

For example, this software can be used to forecast noise generated in workshops, or in the environment because of industrial installations. Optimal for small-scale sound maps.

Finite element modeling of structures

Finite element modelling software, as part of advanced studies of buildings. It allows determining of the first eigen-modes of concrete or steel structures. Study of the propagation of vibrations in structures subjected to vibrations of internal or external origin, and calculations of frequency responses. Low frequency modal analysis of performance halls intended for amplified music.


Propagation of railway vibrations

MEFISSTO is a 3D digital modelling software dedicated to determining the propagation of vibrations in the ground and in structures. Its hybrid-computing core makes the most of the finite element and boundary element methods, which makes it the favoured tool for solving the problems of buildings exposed to vibrations generated by trains, trams, metros, buses, etc.

Dimensioning of complex walls

AcouS-STIFF is used for carrying out predictive calculations of the sound reduction index of different types of walls such as single walls, laminated walls, rigid walls, triple walls, etc.

Large scale mapping

SoundPlan is a digital simulation software for the propagation of noise in the environment. It allows 3D modelisation of the topography, buildings and various transport infrastructures, in order to produce sound maps taking these different elements into account. It also makes it possible to optimize noise treatment solutions. Optimal for large-scale sound maps (cities, entire departments, etc.).

This software complies with European Directive 2002/49 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 25, 2002 relating to the assessment and management of noise in the environment.

Building acoustics

Acoubat carries out estimative calculations of airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, facade insulation while considering the acoustic performance of structures in thirds octave bands.

Acquisition and processing of measurement data

Software for data acquisition and post-processing : 01dB, SVANTEK, NORSONIC...

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