Measurements / Diagnosis

In situ measurements are an important part of LASA's activity. Equipped with a large stock of equipment, LASA works on all types of projects. LASA’s expertise allows us to carry out suitable analysis. In construction, the acoustic performance measurements are vital and relatively simple to perform. In apartment buildings, acoustic reception measurements have been made compulsory by the acoustic certificate since 01.01.2013.

LASA offers environmental acoustic measurements of 24 hours or more, with simultaneous meteorological measurements, as well as acoustic diagnostic projects of existing buildings (flooring performance, facades, splits, etc…) within the frame of renovation projects in particular.

Industrial vibration measurements (rotating machinery, heavy machinery, etc.) in railway environments are offered in order to define vibration levels and offer solutions upon request. LASA also offers solutions of sound quality and vibration management on construction sites by installing dedicated beacons connected to the LASA servers and allowing editing the results online as well as real-time alert management (SAWL system).