Architecture / Heritage

LASA’s activity is heavily oriented towards construction, and so taking into account the architectural and heritage aspect has always been at the basis of our acoustic approach.

From the earliest stages of conception, we dedicate ourselves to coming up with solutions which respect the architect’s vision, by responding as best as possible to the demands of the placement, spatial planning, shapes, light, materials, technical and architectural innovations, …

When the acoustic considerations are structural to the project, they are integrated as early as possible. We developed specific tools for the purpose of improving the discourse with the design departments and simplify the taking into account of construction layouts.

Our vast experience in heritage projects as well as our understanding of specific issues allow us to integrate their constraints while at the same time guaranteeing high acoustic performances, in accordance with the history of the building.

Constantly following the newest technological advancements as well as our numerous R&D projects make us a central figure in many innovative construction sectors such as: wooden structures, bio-based materials, certified buildings (BEPOS, BREEAM, HQE, BDM, LEED, WELL, …).