R&D / Innovation

Research and development is one of the driving forces of innovation at LASA. It enriches the fundamental knowledge, measurement databases, and it allows to define methodologies and offer innovative services for dealing with new issues. LASA is involved in numerous R&D projects in the domains of innovative acoustics (wood, diffusion, low frequency absorption) and vibration (trains, structure modelisation, propagation, uncertainties), in partnership with a number of organisations such as INSA LYON, IUT MARSEILLE, LE GABION. LASA is also focused on IT development of dedicated internal solutions: construction noise, sound models, graphic specifications, etc.)

Each year, research projects are carried out within LASA by teams consisting of LASA engineering in partnership with reference schools. These close links with schools offer a profitable collaboration in terms of human resources as well as equipment tools and calculation. Interns at the end of their education ensure continuity between academic approaches and industry practices. This process allows new aspects from which to approach certain issues. LASA carries out R&D missions for the manufacturers in the fields of acoustic materials, but also in the field of meteorology software or even furniture design for example.