Industry / Energy

LASA intervenes on all types of issues with industrial installations: environmental impact studies, noise and vibration reduction of machines as well as of workstations. Examples include sectors of power plants (cogeneration, biomass, hydroelectricity, wind, …); electricity transformation and transport infrastructure; industrial production sites; recovery sites (SICTOM, STEP, …), CEPI, … The projects are of various geometry depending on the encountered issues: of a very large scale for sound impact modelisations in the environment of large sites, of a small scale for dimensioning acoustic silencers on noisy equipment. The available measurement equipment (multi-channel and FFT analysers, raw signal recorders, acoustic antennas, dosimeters, tachometers, etc.) allow LASA to establish complex acoustic and vibration diagnostics: frequency and modal analysis, noise mapping, sorting of predominant noise sources, sound power of sources, … The numerous modelisation tools of LASA (interior and exterior 3D simulation, predictive noise mapping, finite element calculations for specific problems, acoustics of airflow networks, source noise, specific silencers, etc.) allow industrial customers to benefit from an all-encompassing acoustic and vibrational response.