Residential / Tertiary

Residential construction constitutes a sort of base and the essence for acoustic projects. The acoustic quality of accommodations is extremely important in construction projects. The acoustic comfort in housing is guaranteed by the 1969 regulation.

This was already a major preoccupation in society and recent studies have regularly shown the high expectation level of residents towards acoustic comfort of their dwellings. The acoustic quality of accommodation is a necessary condition for sleep and the occupant’s tranquillity and serenity.

A large number of existing dwellings suffer from an acoustic quality which is very insufficient or even dangerous for health. Very often, new constructions are still achieved with major acoustic defects. Technical solutions must be carefully dimensioned during the design phase.

Construction site monitoring is essential for the proper implementation of these technical solutions and finally the final measures allow easy verification of the achievement of objectives. This is the meaning of the last regulatory requirement issued in 2013: the acoustic certificate for housing.