Sound and vibration quality managment

LASA assists the different participants in a project (clients, project managers, companies etc.) in the management of sound and vibration quality on construction sites, events or all kinds of activities, interior or exterior in relation to their environment.

LASA can intervene before work begins on construction sites mainly by producing "noise files". These studies can, depending on the needs of the project, include projected modeling of the impact of sound and vibration for the purpose of validation of the organizations, comparison of different scenarios of machine or loud equipment implementations, evaluation and optimization of the efficiency of attenuation solutions, etc.

Numerous parameters (objective and subjective) are at play in the assessment of a sound situation by the residents or neighboring communities. The window of tolerance varies as a result of their different levels of toleration and acceptance of a project or an event, and the more issues and feelings expressed by the residents are taken into account (mainly by means of real-time monitoring of the sound and vibration quality allowing to objectify the situations, communication, mediation between various concerned parties, having a proactive management of sound and vibration emissions, displaying good will and thus limiting the risks of occurrence of conflicts) the better the temporary situation shall be accepted.

With all this in mind, as a result of years of studies and experience on these subjects, LASA has developed a method for sound and vibration quality management, with dedicated reports, with a simple scale of measures objectification, understandable by everyone and adaptable to each situation, all this coupled with a web platform for processing, visualization and management of acoustic and vibration data :